Mar 8, 2011

aku bosan superb nie!!

when the world falls apart,
when ur pain claim ur heart,
i'll be there,i'll be around,
and i will never let u down,
leave that pain don't give up,
you will fly up high again,
count on me, we are together,
we'll make it through this stormy whether.


1. if u can have ur time back, what will u do?
2. if u met a car crash, and u lost ur memory, what will make u thank to?
3. if u can owns a thing that will last forever, what will it be?
4. if u get all these, will u willing to do so?

1. if i can hve my time bck,, i not even wished to know u.
2. if i met a car crash and lost my memory, i'll thank him cuz i lost memory about you.
3. if i can owns a thing that will last forever i hope it'll be anything but not u.
4. if i get all these, ohh in my dream je laa kot..

dah name pon KALAU, it doesn't really exist laa.. na na na,, it is just in ur very very VERY own world.. aku kuat beranganlaa guys.. so,, this nonsense talk i wrote here just because of my angan2x pop up in my mind while aku tengan busy kalut basuh pinggan kat kedai tadi.. hehehee

* tu mak aku ngan for sure my dad also*
x nmpak?? pi pakai anta pembesar!!!

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