Sep 14, 2011

friend = kawan, ship = kapal


badan aku dah berderap-derup dah nie,, esok ade kuiz writing.. ahh lantak pi lahh.. aku memang dah sampai mood nak balik ngan segera ke kampung halaman.. i'm not so eager before.. aku memang dah rase pressure kat sini.. memikiran segale kuiz andd syllabus yang nak cover,, boleh terbelahak segala isi otak aku.. nvm,, aku kan pikah..

 just while i'm sitting on my bed with HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE on my lap and my ears in between my dearest hedphone with HANYA INGIN KAU TAHU and also nokia c3-05 right beside me.. 
love: why he never stop talking about you?
frienship: like you care?
love: i do care, cuz he's mine.
friendship: then never bother, cuz it hurts.
love: tell me why?
frienship: eager?
love: always.
friendship: its all because i'll always standing besides him to cheers after you grab all his smile. =]

to my dearest,
although most of you are in UiTM, some of you in POLI, part of you in STPM  and the rest in any other college or U.

like HLOVATE inspired me well,,
live well or live hell, you choose. =)

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chubby woobie said...

haha...best nye daa masuk kolej....came nak pandai cam kak pika ek??....owg ponn suke HLOVATE..hehe