Oct 18, 2011


assalamualaikum everyone,,
as u can see,, i'd my MUET speaking done just in couple hours ago. it was okay even it wasn't.. *sigh* so now im ready for my pspm 1 since i didn't have to speak like a crazy one anymore.. pfffftttt..

aku dalam mood stress, and a thing do i need now is being at the sea.. serius.. aku xpernah nak tipu,, even rumet aku kate aku romantik tapi siryes,, aku nak duduk kat laut skunk.. i need to release my stress there by looking at the bluest thing ever..and try me,, blue brings peace.. i need that peace now.. 

in coming 3 weeks, i'll be able to reach TERENTANG and by waiting for that time,, so i've struggle for
my FINAL..pray me well.. =) muahhh

i'm trying to do my best.. cuz what? cuz,, aku kan PIKAH..

PIKAH is someone who willing to do everything and ANYTHING to achieve the greatest value of life.. if this is the turning point,, then I'LL SHOW u.. =)

"if someone say u can't do any better then u should stop and turn to them and said WATCH ME !! "

:.give the BEST, expect the LEAST.:

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