Nov 6, 2011



heyya,, u seeee that,, since last week when i was struggling with the lovely PSPM 1,, i said that i want to make a review about this author, forr yeahh hlovate.

briefly said that, he or maybe she, but i strongly believe that HLOVATE is a SHE.!!! nevermind. as for me who put novel in the bottom of my life list, hlovate make a blast. me who puts COMICS as priority of reading make a twisted mind of mine which will have HLOVATE first before i read my comics.
special thanks to naziha, yang perkenalkan hlovate ni kat aku, which was in 2010 which takes last year.

A week before SPM aku dapat first hlovate's [tunas] yang akan menghanyut kan aku dalam dunia skola yang bagi aku VASS amount of memory and yess,, [tunas] make my world. [tunas] cite tentang pioneer yang conduct kolej. macam mane anak exco negeri menjalani kehidupan sebagai pelajar. kolej yg mengamalkan DOUBLE STANDARD , tentang penjenayah sepakat dengan ex-penjenayah untuk mengharu birukan skola, dan yang best, kehidupan seseorang yang bergelar PELAJAR.

after done my SPM, i straightly went to aeon bandaraya to grab another hlovate's,, and i got 2 of them which are VERSUS and aA+bB.

VERSUS cite tentang minnn dan ao. minn budak skate yang memegang gelaran ed'sassin of wrath with the popular tailspin. yang drastic change before meet AO in the life journey, a skater who takes ed'sassin as an idol but after ed becoming minn he doesn't realized at all. AO first change to HIM becuz of minn but after all,, die berubah dengan niat yang sebetul2x nyer. cite tentang perubahan dan jodoh yang sangat menyentuh dan sangat cool.

aA+bB plak is a superbly amazing. a continued story of [tunas] by taking addin shah and benz alif as the main. which recall back why they became enemy and how become a lover. an accidentally marriage?? nope at all.. how benz have to be aie as to comfort didi as a friend rather be BENZ cuz didi and benz doen't make it at all AT FIRST. a very romatic couple, event and sume lah yang ade.

and after that, aku beli online 4 buku yang lain which are

5 tahun 5 bulan. bile aku bace cite nie, perut aku lapar kot. JEBAT's and ANA's cooking memang aku bayangkan super grant giler laa. aku bayang kan along yang macho dan apeh yang hensem. a very like triangle love yang ana pendam. which take bumi aberdeen sebagai saksi. bile along and jebat di depan mate ana, she felt something strange. a very strange feelings. a cool MOU that came out from along, " ana balik kite tunang." just before ana's flight to aberdeen. =]

Pelangi: ked's Story- cite tentang NAWAL ngn KED. first meet after deck ked kene siram dengan spaghetti sos nawal. the only girl who take baju kurung as her dresscode even in US. and ked a very known skater. ked of wrath with his deck as his girlfriend and be in love just with someone who he thought to be his princess all the time. malaysia-usa and florida-virginia a meet point. sweet. a sweet propose.

gurindam jiwa: schubert's seranade- najwa and abang shah who became siblings after their parents marriage. be a very best partner of each other playing schubert's seranade. but after a case that left a deep something in najwa's heart, die xnak ade duo lain slain abg shah yang jadik partner die untuk main lagu yang same. a sweet story for someone who being a sudden siblings and also having a sad ending.

rooftop rant: cite yang agak slow tapi memberi kesan gak ar.. macam mane a girl yang survive in a broken family. tabah giler. met jade in the middle of  life journey. yang byk ubah die dari noone to someone or maybe not ubat die at all but as a penguat semangat utk berubah. and after all,, and she have a kinda niat to satukan her family, better late than never. =]

and the last but not least for now is Contengan Jalanan: a doubled sided up and down masterpiece which have 2 version of stories. take Fend and K-square yang cube berubah ke jalan-NYA. fend memilih australia sebagai turning point while K-square memilih Indonesia. masing2x ade cerita tersendiri kenape, macam mane dan sebab yang kukuh yg membuatkan dorg berubah. pengajaran yang mendalam. compared to versus, CJ lagi berat.. =)

HLOVATE a 30 something unknown writter, a overseas graduated. always have music,doctor-engineer stuff in her masterpiece. have a very stylo and sempoi writting. have her own fans. give a blast of something in my world.

xsilap hlovate nak release anthem lepas ni.


Anisah Zahorin said...

nice one!
keep up dear...keke~

fathiahRAIHANA said...

saya hantu Hlovate :) sangat sangat suka .

HanisRazali said...

my God! saya baru je jumpa HLovate's dekat kuantan ni! Tu pun versus je.seriously best!:D

pikah W said...

@HANISRAZALI u are most welcome to melaka as melaka banyak bookstore yg byk jual karya hlovate but ade jugak yang memang rare..

Anonymous said...

t'tarik plak tgn ni nk komen kt sini.. ..mmg best nk baca novel hlovate ni, laen dri yg laen... i'm really inspired by him/her..

pikah W said...

sama lah kite,, actually for me,, this is great.. sebab i memang bukan kaki novel.

enxm said...

Gahh tak jumpa lah cari blog hlovate . Hmm tahu tak novelis mana lg yg unidentified mcm hlovate ? Yg anonymous punya lah .

pikah W said...

hello enxm,
Sorry taktau sebab tbh I bukan kaki novel. Except for hlovate, I x baca novel lain. :)