Dec 31, 2011

last post this year

thanks 2011.. u give me blast.. cuz,, everything happens this year are completely amazing and,, i don't even remember a single crap happens to me this year,, if its was,, so,, it maybe not to strong to be in my memory land.

my last status on this year was: ‎2011 taught me much, me learnt to forget, to cheer up, to forgive, to be a better person, to be strong enough, to get know a part of life, to be matured, to think well.so 2012, please be nice, me hoping u to be with me thru hell or high water.. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

and my first status on this year was: finally,, after seminggu abang balik..

and this year also,, i met my new passion,, i mean,,a thing that keeps me alive other than oxygen, family, friends,, its 1D.. i've last 2 month of 2011 with blast,, just a 1Derful, extraordinHARRY,brilLIAM, phenomeNIALL, amaZAYN and fabaLOUIS year too.. 

met someone that i thought i'll never meet again.. he maybe not my super someone,, but trust me,, he was my reason why i got excited to come to school every single day. i met my 1st ever crush again also on this year..

i've got my license, first income, new phone, motorcycle also in this year. so,, why i must hate this year.. and again...

2011 thanks for everything!!!!


akaliliffa142 said...

thanks for the memory :)

pikah W said...

thanks to you too,

diela said...

akn rindu 2011

pikah W said...

pffftttt.. sebenar nyer,, rindu aan

pikah W said...

pffftttt.. sebenar nyer,, rindu aan