Jan 29, 2012

UPS and going to fly to US for few days


so just a simple update before i put my physics book open. so i'm about arrived matrik melaka at  1430, 29 Jan 2012.. so,, all the thing am i doing was,, i'm about to rearrange my board back. so first,, i just need to threw my things on it,, before i put the new one,, and after about an hour,, the board is finished..

then i put my physics book opens for about an hour before i fall asleep for 1 hour and half.. yashhhhsss..

  this board is for my daily, homework and some ambitious word..

and this is my special board,, its all about the boys..

i'm having my UPS for 3 days straight except for wednesday ,, its hari wilayah,, but i'm not celebrating it cuz,, i'm about to fly to US.. cuz i'm celebrating my baby hazza's 18th birthday.. yaa,, MALAYSIA-US just facing 14 hours time difference.. lastly,, wish me luck,, and please pray well for me eh!!

bya bye..


syaidatul nadia said...

pikah, serius board kau tarik perhatian akk :) comel :P

pikah W said...

@kak syai: kan kan kan,, owg pun sukeeeee!!!!