Feb 16, 2012

life that i'll remember =)


aku ghase dah lame x menulis so i decide to write something today but i still don't know what i want to write hahaha.. nak tulis pasal 1D,, honestly,, i don't think that i can make an entry just for them,, not because i know nothing bout them,, but, there's an awkward feeling i felt.. yeahh,, don't think wanna share them.. HAHAHA..

everyday life here?? well,, quite busy actually,, i've got full house for these incoming weeks which take me no wayy to go home.. alalallalaa sedih sedih.. and last week,,went out with the girls.. well,, i was about forcing them actually,, asked them to teach me to bowl.. memang aku naif.. so something happened there. there was a mamat yang tolong ajar aku baling bola and,, dearest masyi,, not really threw the ball to the pin.. =DD

ade azam baru,, nak jogging petang2x,, tp kite tengok laa sampai bile hehe,, and x sempt nak call dak zira chik yg kene tahan wad.. alalllaaa kesian kawan aku yg satu tu. aku dengar2x kepale die berjahit laa jugak.. seriously,, aku x sabar nak weekends!!

dah,, enough merepek.. =DD salam sayang.

dear future,, huge HYE with smile,, dear past,, massive smile and thanks."

angin kuat giler time nie, abaikan tudung aku,, aku ade 2 camera depan mata mase nie,, got confused to look at which!!

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kay_are said...

magic kan?? taip nye taip nye taip dah siap satu entri ^^