May 24, 2012

2 years guys.


 so today glad to show u my greatest appreciation to them. well for them, very known as GIGS 0610..

mase masuk matrix dulu,, i'm afraid that i can't having such a blast friends like them,,but i'm wrong.. tetiap tempat yg aku pergi, yang aku jumpe member,, Alhamdulillah,, dorang best but,,honestly.. i'm not taking GIGS as my friends actually,, i'm having them like sisters.masuk satu kepala, otak gila2x, otak masing2x sewel..  and last week, we'd a very joy moment.. a very thank you.. not going to update this entry with so long-nasty-buwelk-and-so-what-ever words.. here some pictures too..

bukan sume dapat rase kehidupan macam nie.. hahhahhaa


shazika said...

hye piqah dan kwn2..salam kenalan dr shazika :)

lieyana said...

happy nye dia :) heeee btw i'm done follow you :)