Aug 26, 2016

Pokemon Go


I just had my dinner. Nasi lemak. Soooo malaysian everytime also a nasi lemak time. Well back then in UM, whenever we decided to lepak or minum minum after a project meeting or memang takdeidea nak makan mana, there are always 3 options to pick on, its either nasi lemak anjing, nasi lemak babi, or nasi lemak mapley. Nasi lemakanjing isactually nasi lemak at restoren ehsan, the ayam is ssshoo niceeeee. And I dont know why they called it anjing, while nasi lemak babi is the other name of nasi lemak bumbung/maybank/seapark. Enough short story about nasi lemak.

Earlier this day, but not so early lah, I decided to crawling out from my sarang persembunyian after being lecture for minutes about how can I spent my day lockup blablablabla. So I decided to go to tangkak doing my hunting about this hype Pokemon Go.

One thing about Pokemon Go is, I played Pokemon before,during the gameboy time. Pokemon Red,Blue,Yellow,Gold,Silver and everything. So when these pokemon go was released last month, it had been expected to thousands of people play with it. and I dont mind it.

But i dont like the people that just play without having any hype. One time I was soooo excited to see Starmie in the middle of nowhere and I heard some people was like, "ni haa patrick." and also the other time "weh ni haa telur." ITS EXEGGCUTE DOOOOO!!!!

I really hate when i have to listen to this kind of shit like, hey mangkuk dah taktau nama tak yah main boleh tak. Tak payah acah acah. No. Dont ruin mychildhood. Damn.

I made a pact with jihah, kalau mak tanya pegi mana, just jawab pegi jogging. So during our dinner, mak tanya and without wait for us she screams, " Korang pegi tangkap pokemon kannnnn". Mak got this FB syndrome where she tend to percaya all the stuffs that was going viral dekat FB and Im started to get annoyed like really annoyed. Phewww. When she first know Im playing this game, she was like tau x haram bla bla bla and I was like, " Fuck u people on FB, look what u guys did. This is my childhood. I never got the chance to own a game boy before to play, I borrow it from someone else. LET ME PLAY THIS."

So just to let u know, there was alittle bit drama about this hukum, logic and so on, guess who wins? Ehemmmm. Hahhahahhahahhahahaha

Thats it for tonight rumble. Btw Im Team Instinct Yaww. Muahx

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