Oct 28, 2011

its better

regarding to the past entry,,

so i've made changes to my online diary.
yaa,, see that header?? credit to nuurwajihah.. she's the one who take the sequence on doin that thing.. *ko pikay comell laa???*

stakat nie,, okay kot blog nie,, dimate aku lahh.. nanti2x kalau aku rajin aku alter laa balik.. andd see,,,, i pick blue cuz,, blue is super nice..=]

:.wonder,, when will my exam last?
me mind is already at homie.:

DAH jahanam

salam.. ;)

stiap kali aku balik mesti serentak dengan the one and only adek aku,, so,, bende nie mengakibatkan perebutan kuasa terhadap laptop ayah and BB abg.. sebagai seorang yang matang,, kadang2x aku bagi je die gune.. better aku hadap CONAN lagi best..

speak to the devils about that,, stiap kali adek aku gune,, die bole menjahanamkan mase tido sampai 3-4 pagi dok hadap laptop.. usha2x tengok,, rupernyer,, gi sebok edit2x blog.. nak lagi kawaiiii agak nyer kan kan..

so,, disebabkan intensity die terhadap segale code nie tinggi,, aku pon mintak tolong die gi edit blog aku yang simple kronik tu.. dan dengan rele hati,, die pon setuju.. okay,, dannnn gedebabommmmm...

aq x suke.... comel memang comel.. tapi,, gua rockers beb,, ade ke patut header conan aku die tukau jadik gambar powerpuff girl.. mane gua tahan.. dan lagi selamat,, before tu,, aku dah download template lame aku.. so upload naik je arr,, even sgale bloglist sume hilang,, at least xde arr geli mate aku pandang..

whatever pon,, big thanks to her,, cuz berjaye men-comelkan blog aq,, but still xberjaye men-comelkan hati aku.. taste aku kan pelik... =)

:. gua dah letak shoutmix gua balik dah.:

Oct 18, 2011


assalamualaikum everyone,,
as u can see,, i'd my MUET speaking done just in couple hours ago. it was okay even it wasn't.. *sigh* so now im ready for my pspm 1 since i didn't have to speak like a crazy one anymore.. pfffftttt..

aku dalam mood stress, and a thing do i need now is being at the sea.. serius.. aku xpernah nak tipu,, even rumet aku kate aku romantik tapi siryes,, aku nak duduk kat laut skunk.. i need to release my stress there by looking at the bluest thing ever..and try me,, blue brings peace.. i need that peace now.. 

in coming 3 weeks, i'll be able to reach TERENTANG and by waiting for that time,, so i've struggle for
my FINAL..pray me well.. =) muahhh

i'm trying to do my best.. cuz what? cuz,, aku kan PIKAH..

PIKAH is someone who willing to do everything and ANYTHING to achieve the greatest value of life.. if this is the turning point,, then I'LL SHOW u.. =)

"if someone say u can't do any better then u should stop and turn to them and said WATCH ME !! "

:.give the BEST, expect the LEAST.:

Oct 15, 2011

look look..i'm typing

yeah.. assalamualaikum.

okay let me say it as me a candidate urmmm,, D perhaps..

good night every one, in my opinion that, the would be more wonderful if u have ur life in ur own way.
own way here can be anything, in order like,, you can just sit in a middle of crown at the book store to read a comics or maybe make a revision with the books there for free.. or you just can scream out loud as you want,, with no one care or maybe someone do which the one who sat rite beside you when u are shouting.. that is how to make ur life wonderful right.?
if we can have it in our style,, perhaps it would drive us to the greatest.. so, i strongly believe that,...

:. sorry MUET mood, overdose.: