Oct 19, 2016

Teaser: Hari Jubah Picute

Tunggu lepas aku pulang jubah baru aku up entry.

Oct 7, 2016



Aku tengah main edit edit photoshop nak wish birthday Epa, lepastu aku givap, aku bukak blogspot.

Muhammad Syukri Wahid

I grew up with 2 guys above me. Ayah, Abang. Myfirst bestfriend is a guy, named Luqman. I never have kawan perempuan when I was younger, not until masuk sekolah rendah okayyyy. except one Indian girl, which is mybestfriend. Masa tadika pon, Im not good at all with all my kawan perempuan sebab aku anak cikgu sekolah tu and selalu datang lambat, and everytime aku datang, semua budak pompuan dah taknak cakap dengan aku sebab this so called leader arahkan diorang untuk kawan ol-ol je dengan aku. Damn. I dont care.I got Farhan,Syafik, Zakri, Hisyam, Redha and the list is still going.

Masuk sekolah rendah, I talked to everyone masa dekat sekolah, but step out je dari kawasan sekolah, Nope. I dont talk to guys. Speaking about lelaki, yes, I have crush on guy like every years old of mine and the first ever guy I do minat called Hamizan. I dont know where is he now. I minat dia masa tadika 5 tahun okay. HAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAA and the bad part is, the list of guys ive been crushing on since 5years old till now is going strong wehhh. Sumpah tak tipu. The best part is, they just crush. Not more.

Funfact: The guy Im with now is also someone who made it to my crush's list sebab dia pakai full frame and dia ade rupa Nubhan.*He'll be mad at me if he read this* but the feeling stop when I know he got GF by that time. Lels.

I dont see the purpose of guy in my life. Like seriously. Selain jadi eye candy of course. Not until masuk UM where my motor will always cari pasal with me and yeayhhh I need guys for sure to help me on this matter, but selain tu? NAN HADOOO.

So technically, Ive been living to serap all the quality of a man that I want by looking at Ayah and Abang. Ayah is everybody first Hero, while abang is your unconditional bodyguard. No matter u love it or not. Hahahhahahha. Theres one time,during dinner dengan Peijal n Capik and that time I was single, and Peijal asked me this,

" apa ciri-ciri lelaki yang kau nak?"

And my answer is like everybody else,

"Aku nak cari lelaki yang macam ayah aku."

while I thought he will stop there, then he asked,

"Kau nak lelaki macam ayah kau, tapi kau tu macam mak kau tak?"

Mygod, I startled. That question kinda hit me real hard. Macam aiyoyo kadawaleyyyyy. Hahahhaa Then I pass. I know I never got a chance to get a guy like Ayah. Hahahhahhaha.

While I see Abang as whom I want my son to be like. Hes so scary as heckk I told youuu. He is much more scary than Ayah. Hehhehehhehehhehehhe nope, ayah not scary at all. Abang is like mak x 10. My god. But he is sweet. Jihah selalu pow dia duit, well, shes the youngest. Me? I always be abang punya life saviorrr since forever. He always do some serious shit and me? yeahh I will always be the one who do the cover up. Duhhh.

Saga Putih tu keta Abang when he met an accident masa balik sekolah in Saratok, Oct 2015

When Allah decided to invite him back to where he belongs, me was sleeping because the next class was cancelled. And I kinda terjaga and checked whatsapp and like 20minutes after mak break the news. I was like blackout. And I broadcast message to my friend telling them the stories. I bombard Syafiq. Wake him up. And apparently he thinks Im being clingy cuz I kinda urged him to call me, and as soon as he called, I burst into tears. Lepastu dengar cite dak capik tu cam terkesima. He asked me to tunggu kat bawah blok dia otw, at the same time he was like dont know whatt to do. Im so out of space, terus turun and tunggu. Takboleh berfikir. Lepastu sorang sorang member call nak bawak balik Melaka. That moment I see, who is there with me and who doesnt. The rest was history.

That moment, I was snapped about the 3rd guy who I want to be with. I have a hero, who is my everything. I have a bodyguard, who is the one responsible in protecting me, not forever, but until reach a point where, it safe to let me go. So this 3rd guy, who is he that I want him to be.

Im searching for a bestfriend where I can share everything. Also an enemy who I want to be my best competitor. The one who be there during sort of storm and rainbow of mylife. The most important is someone who be ready to accept me when Im opening up myself to him. Like I said before, Im not any typical girl who you can find anywhere at media social. Im independent and I know, guys doesnt really like independent girl. Like I care. Hahhahahaaa

and If I re-read back this whole entry, I see no connection here and there. Nope, I just thought I must write tonight.And padan muka kena baca benda merepek ni. Hahahhaa

Tepek gambar sendiri like a boss

ps: the guy Im with now is not like Ayah (except he doesnt smoke. Ohhh yeahhh its a major win for me) but he is moreeeeeeeee like Mak. He is scary. Not everytime but whenever he gets mad. So I think, Im started to think that Im like Ayah. Yeah I do merepek. but who cares. No one read this anyways,

Aug 26, 2016

Pokemon Go


I just had my dinner. Nasi lemak. Soooo malaysian everytime also a nasi lemak time. Well back then in UM, whenever we decided to lepak or minum minum after a project meeting or memang takdeidea nak makan mana, there are always 3 options to pick on, its either nasi lemak anjing, nasi lemak babi, or nasi lemak mapley. Nasi lemakanjing isactually nasi lemak at restoren ehsan, the ayam is ssshoo niceeeee. And I dont know why they called it anjing, while nasi lemak babi is the other name of nasi lemak bumbung/maybank/seapark. Enough short story about nasi lemak.

Earlier this day, but not so early lah, I decided to crawling out from my sarang persembunyian after being lecture for minutes about how can I spent my day lockup blablablabla. So I decided to go to tangkak doing my hunting about this hype Pokemon Go.

One thing about Pokemon Go is, I played Pokemon before,during the gameboy time. Pokemon Red,Blue,Yellow,Gold,Silver and everything. So when these pokemon go was released last month, it had been expected to thousands of people play with it. and I dont mind it.

But i dont like the people that just play without having any hype. One time I was soooo excited to see Starmie in the middle of nowhere and I heard some people was like, "ni haa patrick." and also the other time "weh ni haa telur." ITS EXEGGCUTE DOOOOO!!!!

I really hate when i have to listen to this kind of shit like, hey mangkuk dah taktau nama tak yah main boleh tak. Tak payah acah acah. No. Dont ruin mychildhood. Damn.

I made a pact with jihah, kalau mak tanya pegi mana, just jawab pegi jogging. So during our dinner, mak tanya and without wait for us she screams, " Korang pegi tangkap pokemon kannnnn". Mak got this FB syndrome where she tend to percaya all the stuffs that was going viral dekat FB and Im started to get annoyed like really annoyed. Phewww. When she first know Im playing this game, she was like tau x haram bla bla bla and I was like, " Fuck u people on FB, look what u guys did. This is my childhood. I never got the chance to own a game boy before to play, I borrow it from someone else. LET ME PLAY THIS."

So just to let u know, there was alittle bit drama about this hukum, logic and so on, guess who wins? Ehemmmm. Hahhahahhahahhahahaha

Thats it for tonight rumble. Btw Im Team Instinct Yaww. Muahx

Aug 24, 2016

Good Morning


So, its 130 in the morning and im not quite yet ready to sleep so i decides to write. Well the truth is, i just finished taking my midnight snack, a pack of maggi sedap and a mangga. Yummehhh

Back to the tajuk. Back then when i was in um, i had this habit well i was trained to develop this habit of wishing people good morning. Well its obviously my roomates lah kan yang selalu dapat wish ni. Not only morning wish lah kan, its more to greeting. Whenever i was in my room doing works or just lying and scrolling, and then my roomates came back, i just throw a simple hi and will automatically ask her day. Well, it may looks simple but that a little things that most of the people overlook at.

Imagine you had a rough difficult and rasa nak carut kind of day yang kau jumpa semua orang dari lecturer bawak ke kawan terus pada boyfriend semua jadi punca kau nak mengamuk. Then, the one place u wish to be adalah dekat bilik kau cuddle dengan bantal, so balik dengan hati meradang, masuk bilik tetiba di sambut dengan suara penuh ceria rumet kau tanya your day. Kau tak sampai hati nak marah sebab rumet kau completely innocent, and u will definitely started to spill everything. Well, i did most of the time. As time past, its not only me, my roomates do the same thing jugak.

Another situation where, imagine kau memang dah dikatakan rutin for almost one whole year woke up in the morning and terus gapai fon and gigih bukak passcode wassap just to text your loved one morning wish regardless kau tau dia x bangun lagi atau dia dah 2-3 jam bangun memulakan hari. These could be anyone, your parents, bestfriends, partner. Tak kisah lah sesapa pon, tapi yg pasti kau ade rutin utk wish diorang ni. Hari hari selama 10 bulan tak pernah miss. Power betul ngkorang ni, tapi one day kau decides utk xbagi. Kau rasa apa yg penerima kau akan fikir. Cuz, its their routine to get a morning wish dari kau. Kau taktau, manatau sebab wish kau tu lah penyebab dia nak teruskan kehidupan. Well it may seems so bullshit right now but believe me it happens.

Why we called something a routine?Its obviously something that you do everyday and once we tried to break this routine, trust me and believe me, its kinda seronok. When it became a routine, that means you are fully responsible towards it. Dia dah jadi macam satu kewajiban untuk kau, macam beban jugak lah. HAHHAHHAHAHAHHA tapi kalau kau tengok benda ni as beban, so once you lift it, trust me, it is the feels of freedom. Walaupun sikit.  Tapi kalau kau amek, untuk wish orang ni as a I dont know, a saja saja thing just to make sure u are alive oruare awake or u are ready to memulakan your hari, trust me, its kinda hard kalau nak tinggal camtu je.

I had this routine also but its slowly faded away as time goes because of laziness or mungkin sebab dah terlalu selesa kot. But never mind I guess the other party dah ade orang lain yg lebih layak untuk dia wish kot. Kahkahkah camni rupanya perasaan kene ditch dengan member sendiri. Sobs sobs.

Anyway, if it happened to u guys to have a greeting buddy, regardless how busy you are, just take your phone and simply type "Good morning, have a good day." or " Selamat memulakan hari xoxo" or maybe like " all the best today." sent it away tak kiralah via whatsapp ke twiiter ke atau status FB sekalipon, theres someone somewhere actually wanted to read the wishes.

Never underestimate the power of a simple greetings. For you, it maybe looks like nothing but for someone its everything.


Nah jamah muka budak 2nd year excited masuk hutan negeri orang. Hew

Aug 13, 2016


So, Im 23 this year. Ahaer haer. Nothing much to share selain dari this year is blast since everyone I love is there to celebrate with me. Starting from GIGS to SB. Thanks forall your wishesssss.

Here just entry bergambar. So yeahhh.

Till then. Babai

Raya 2016


Ye tahuu raya dah habis. So long storyshort, InsyaAllah will attend my own convocation ceremony in October2016. Alhamdulillah.

This year raya is actually very emotional to us, family cuz, its the first time and it will always stay like this until forever yang abang dah tak raya dengan kitorang. He is at the best place right now, besides his creator. My ucu asked me this,

"Kah,raya cemana? Okay."
"Okay je. Ica bayangkan macam dia still kat sarawak takdapat balik sini. tu je."

The rest is history.

Ok ye tahu. aku dalam denial tapi lantak lah. Everybody battling the war that no one knows,so chill.

So raya. cam biasa.

Raya first dengan family noneng noneng.
Raya second, dok rumah mereput
Raya 3rd: GIGS
Raya 4th: Puasa
Raya 5th: Shasha
Raya 6th: Tak ingat
Raya 7th: Wet and Wild
Raya 8th: Baking
Raya 9th:
Raya 10th:
Raya 11th: Syafiq
Raya 12th: Wolfpack
Raya 13th: Kelas Pertama
Raya 14th: Kelas Pertama
Raya 15th: Puasa
Raya 16th: Puasa
Raya 17th: Puasa
Raya 18th: Open House Rumah
Raya 19th: Puasa
Raya 20th: Puasa
Raya 21st: Puasa
Raya 22nd: Puasa
Raya 23rd: Puasa
Raya 24th: Puasa

Lepas tu dah tak ingat dah. Hahhahhahhhahahhahaa. So basically this is my raya. Wakakkaakka

GIGS: mi amor

Siap satu entry. 

Aug 1, 2016



Its been a month since i finished my engineering school (Read: unemployed). I went to the second stage interview in Infineon Melaka and the result? I was rejected.Well to be honest, its pretty sad to faced it cuz along these years and everything this is the first time I've been turned down. Well its okay. Thats life.

Later after the official result from Infineon, there were few matters that continue being in the unlucky box of my life and I was very down that moment. There was a phase that Im thinking to end my life (am not proud of saying this but this is the truth)  I cried all day even inmy prayer. Every takbir, my tears just flow like I dont know, a leaked dam maybe.. Im not speaking to my parents. I'vebeen so rude walked away while mak was talking cuz I cant accept her statement. Im not stepped out from my room. I wait until 12 am just to call Syafiq, tell u this, he was the only person that I would like to talked to that day. Not anyone, not even my bestfriend, not wolfpack. I really cried my lung out. I told him everything. We end up our conversation at 4am which were full of my tears and my sighing and everything. To tell u this, that was my weakest point of my life. I'm not proud of it. I questioned every single thing that ever happened to my life. He just be there throwing some supportive words but I dont even care. He listened to everything and thats all.

Later the next day, I woke up  with my matasepet cuz more than 12 hours of crying what u expect kan. and most important is Im being totally heartless. Sumpah. I even imagine the sad feeling just to make myself cry. No Nope NONE OF THEM EVEN SHOWED UP. Okay Im cool. So walking and memulakan hari and out of sudden ayah ask me one question, and I've got mixed emotions, i really felt to burst out. He giving me the answer of one of the question I've been questioned on the night when I talked to syafiq. and the only thing that cross my mind was, " How did on hell he knows that I need an aswer to the question badly." ok leave it.

Remember I told you that I talked to Syafiq for 4 hours? So you can please imagine that Syafiq being shot continuously with questions that actually meant for my parents but I didn't have the courage to ask them ( well tipu je its just because I dont think I want to taste their penampar sulung or such.) After the unplanned-getting-the-answer-from-my-day-to-thequestion-that-i-throw-to-syafiq incident, I just put all the grudge away and start to live as normal as i can including taking an afternoon nap for 5 hours and guess what, while I was busy browsing some clothes the my mom start the conversation by giving another answer to my question. and I was like, oh my, please what is this, Hahhahhahahahhahaahhaahhahahhaha

I was really at my lowest point that day, I asked Allah everything, I questioned Him everything, I asked Him for explanation, I cried, I sleep,I woke up,I cried. So please understand how fragile I was that day. I cant confront my parents but I need answerrrrr. I asked Him for answer, he gave me then. through my parents, the right person that should be listened to my questions. Then I realised that, He never turned us down. He was there everytime. To listen to every things. To solve even your minor tiny problems. Just turned to him, He will be there. Always. I was down when I've got rejected from Infineon, but then I remember, I asked him for the best of me, and maybe, this is not one. Then I should be cool about it.

Till the next self reflection. Now go baca my broken enlish with un ampun grammar. Hahhahahha

Jul 5, 2016

Chapter 8: Done


Technically masa menulis ni dah 5 Julai which means esok dah raya. So sebelum papehal, meh nak ucap Selamat Berpuasa ya Sohabat.

Im officially done with my degree. So yeayy, Harap harap result dipermudahkan untuk konvo bulan 10 ni insyaAllah. I will do an entry or two about my degree life InsyaAllah. maybe lepas raya. Maksud aku lepas up entry raya. HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHA which yang akan di up entah bila pon aku tak tau. Tapi insyaAllah.