Aug 13, 2016


So, Im 23 this year. Ahaer haer. Nothing much to share selain dari this year is blast since everyone I love is there to celebrate with me. Starting from GIGS to SB. Thanks forall your wishesssss.

Here just entry bergambar. So yeahhh.

Till then. Babai

Raya 2016


Ye tahuu raya dah habis. So long storyshort, InsyaAllah will attend my own convocation ceremony in October2016. Alhamdulillah.

This year raya is actually very emotional to us, family cuz, its the first time and it will always stay like this until forever yang abang dah tak raya dengan kitorang. He is at the best place right now, besides his creator. My ucu asked me this,

"Kah,raya cemana? Okay."
"Okay je. Ica bayangkan macam dia still kat sarawak takdapat balik sini. tu je."

The rest is history.

Ok ye tahu. aku dalam denial tapi lantak lah. Everybody battling the war that no one knows,so chill.

So raya. cam biasa.

Raya first dengan family noneng noneng.
Raya second, dok rumah mereput
Raya 3rd: GIGS
Raya 4th: Puasa
Raya 5th: Shasha
Raya 6th: Tak ingat
Raya 7th: Wet and Wild
Raya 8th: Baking
Raya 9th:
Raya 10th:
Raya 11th: Syafiq
Raya 12th: Wolfpack
Raya 13th: Kelas Pertama
Raya 14th: Kelas Pertama
Raya 15th: Puasa
Raya 16th: Puasa
Raya 17th: Puasa
Raya 18th: Open House Rumah
Raya 19th: Puasa
Raya 20th: Puasa
Raya 21st: Puasa
Raya 22nd: Puasa
Raya 23rd: Puasa
Raya 24th: Puasa

Lepas tu dah tak ingat dah. Hahhahhahhhahahhahaa. So basically this is my raya. Wakakkaakka

GIGS: mi amor

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