Dec 31, 2011

last post this year

thanks 2011.. u give me blast.. cuz,, everything happens this year are completely amazing and,, i don't even remember a single crap happens to me this year,, if its was,, so,, it maybe not to strong to be in my memory land.

my last status on this year was: ‎2011 taught me much, me learnt to forget, to cheer up, to forgive, to be a better person, to be strong enough, to get know a part of life, to be matured, to think well.so 2012, please be nice, me hoping u to be with me thru hell or high water.. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

and my first status on this year was: finally,, after seminggu abang balik..

and this year also,, i met my new passion,, i mean,,a thing that keeps me alive other than oxygen, family, friends,, its 1D.. i've last 2 month of 2011 with blast,, just a 1Derful, extraordinHARRY,brilLIAM, phenomeNIALL, amaZAYN and fabaLOUIS year too.. 

met someone that i thought i'll never meet again.. he maybe not my super someone,, but trust me,, he was my reason why i got excited to come to school every single day. i met my 1st ever crush again also on this year..

i've got my license, first income, new phone, motorcycle also in this year. so,, why i must hate this year.. and again...

2011 thanks for everything!!!!

Dec 29, 2011

i ship...

"meet my dearest hazza"

a week past and i'm still busy with my workssssssss as always. but, there's a thing that makes me alive which is my social life!!! maksud aku,, 'online' social life!!
sem 2 aku makin sarat, kepala makin stress, kepale aku macam tak bole nak functional sangat even dah separuh syllabus aku blaja.. tapi in each single day,, busy macam mane pun aku,, aku akan cube take time aku tok brade depan laptop aku.
walaupun, wireless KMM tak bape nak kukuh,, tapi still can support aku nyer everyday life yang aku spent almost 3 hours.. bukan almost,, tapi dah lebih 3 jam aku spent.. everyday,, dalam pukul 5 petang aku spent sampai 6.30 before pergi makan,, then pukul 11 aku on lagi for second session,, yang second session memang aku menggile,, dengan facebook, twitter, blog, tumblr.. ade skali tu sampai 3 pagi baru aku tido,, padahal klass pukul 8. terer kan..

a month tak balik rumah,, so last week baru balik atas sebab cuti krismas panjang!! hahaha,, and aku as a directioner tak ketinggalan wish mr. BOO BEAR for his 20th birthday and,, abang aku kongsi tarikh yang same gak!! ohh yeah,, aku memang suke bagi sume cite dalam satu entry..

since aku skunk pemegang title plajar s22t5 bukan nyer 123 rk1 or 45 ALPHA,, so,, aku nak update sket,, classmates dah makin havoc, happening, dan seronok laa.. so sebab untuk stay alive kat dunie matrik nie masih ade.. bile memikirkan kalau xde aral,, bulan 4 dah abis matrik and bulan 9 nak sambung degree,, aku cuak,, aku macam berminat nak sambung engineering.. tapi,, tengok lahh dulu..


 cutest NSW

Dec 20, 2011



 last day of SEM 1

 now, i can't go wth this name. *its ammeter at my phy's lab

 i wish them for NEW YEAR 2012

 i miss this MAKHLUK ALLAH with another SAYANGS

 hope dreams come true.


Dec 12, 2011

gerak geri kehidupan

during the keputusan day out.. memang xramai cuz,, tyme tu time kuliah,, so budak sume tengh kusyuk,, even hati dah meyumpah lecturer suro abiskan awal..

me during 1st sem on3rd exp i guess.. cool kan..

me, yesterday.. reminder for self,, i want to update about the story when i was at the zoo. 2011 vs 2005.. its memoir''

Dec 8, 2011

praised HIM

simple and short.

this week just such a happy, compared to others. and i really mean it.
got my first sem result and the best is i'd got something beyond my expectation. alhamdulillah. tapi xbole nak suke sangat,, cuz,, someone,, yeah i really mean of that guy yang dok blaja fizik same2x ngan aku night b4 PSPM,, as i heard,, dea frust habis.

semalam dapat news tentang my dearest,, andd,, aku memang bengang dengan cik puan caroline tu,, just stay with ur FLACK name, STYLES just for me..

p:s// at least kau still bole tego aku as normal rite?? don't you??? =]