Oct 24, 2016

Hari Jubah Picute


See see this girl updated her blog so fast. Zzzzz

17 Oktober 2016
Dewan Tunku Cancelor, UM
#UMConvo #MadeinUM #TeleTripkeDTC

Yeayy dahconvo.I wrote quite a lot about my Uni life here in this blog, so if happened to me to go down the memory lane, I just scroll and read. And this day finally came. I was so scared if I wasnt able to attend my convo sebenarnya. Hahahhahaha. Up to this time while Im writing this thing, I am still a jobless graduate. wakkakaa

Can I just show the pictures, pre convo, post convo, on convo and everything lah. sebab malaas nak tulis.
The very first pre convo is with this lad. On the day amik jubah itself.

And then with fellow wolfpack. Ada 2 photographers on that day.

With Syafiq's Parents


Some People

On the day itself, with so many people. Tak dan nak tepek gambar satu satu. hehehheee

Thanks Fakulti Kejuruteraan Universiti Malaya for 4 amazing years, dari zaman usha hati senior department sampai zaman dapat rembat hati budak kos sendiri. Kahkahkah I finally graduated from this Uni. With that, I end, Till we meet again, UM.

p/s I can tell mykids, " Kidss, this is where I met your father,so be grateful, eventho I dont really like this place sometimes." HAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHA

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