Jun 20, 2016



Link to our trip: PenangwithWOLFPACK

Oklek lek. Ive been struggling with the final of final paper of the final of final exam. *Please get it right. I have no further intention to make it up for you*. So lets back up to April 2016 wheres all these things were happening. Theres one day during first or second week of our last semester after vowing that Indonesia will be my last vacation during these academic period thennnnn this conversation happened,

"Pikau, jom pi Penang.?"
"Hmmm bilaaa?"
"April. before cuti midsem."
"Alahh jom lah."
"Okay set."

You guys know how i have this soft spot on Penang since the first time I was there.I always feels like to come back there whenever I could. Cmon guys, Im malaccan, Penang tu kira jauh tahuuu. Nak drive ulang alik  KL-Melaka pon rasa semput, ni kan pulak Penang. I love the foodsssssss. Well basically the foodlah and the traffic light there. The hijau is so lamaaaaaa. Hahhahahaha

20-22 April 2016
Pulau Pinang

So in the 19 malam, kitorang gerak rumah mimie cam biasa. Syaza tinggal keta sana. And around 5 pagi rasanya ayah mimie bawak kitorang pi KL Sentral. Note that: Kitorang memang akan transit rumah mimie whenever we got morning flight to catch up. Around 5 am naik bas pegi KLIA2. Our flight was on 8. The real thing is, all my stuffs need to be done before this vacation, STRIDE things, ENGENIUS things and I mr secretary to handle it. Thanks. Hahahhahahaa

We chose to be on the weekdays because obviously lah murah. So sampai penang, kitorang pegi amek keta yang nak sewa. I booked for Persona sinceits 6 of us and sampai sana dorang bagi Almera. Hahahhaa rezeki wehhhhhhh. So lepas amek keta we straight up to

1) Nasi Kandar Deen
Well, it was soooooooo goooood. I swear, it was good. Kedai dia kecik je, kalau lambat sesilap haribulan, kena beratur and tak cukup kusi meja nak makan. The ayam is good. Its All good. Its good. Takde gambar but its good.

after makan, we head up to our hostel, so this time, the chosen is,

2) The Frame Guesthouse
Its located at the middle of Georgetown. Nak pi Nasi Kandar Beratur kejap je 5 minutes dah sampai. Pheww.3 bilik. satu mala 45++ camtu lah. Breakfast included. It was nice and chill place,ANd also good for the instafamous to take their hipteurrrr pictures cuz it got so many good spot.

after we took shower and perform solat, kitorang pon pi sewa basikal and went around. We went to

3) UPSIDE DOWN house
Well, it just good je lah. biasa biasa je and the entrance fee is RM 10.

but before that we went to

4)Amazing World
This place macam animation house. It was nice lah. and the fee is RM 15.

Last but not least, we went toooo

5) Ghost Museum
Well this place, better not takyah masuk kot. Dia macam below average and nothing special pon. The fee is RM 9.

After all these place,the journey of food begins,

6) Ais Tingkap.
You guys know, I never failed to have this whenever Im in Penang. Well baru 3 kali je padahal. It was refreshing and nice. Go spent your RM2 for this. It was good.

and just across the road we had our minum petang at

7) Sup Hameed
Sup daging cecah Roti is perfect, Its just nice.

To add, from previous time when i was here, Along Jalan Penang, all the minor street got their hype. You can have Nasi Kandar Line Clear which is sooooo goood, also the Cendol at another street. And every corner of Penang, u can get your Jeruk Madu Pak Ali. No worries okay.

Then we went back to our hostel, freshen up and had dinner at

8) Nasi Kandar Beratur
THIS IS MY NUMBER ONEREASON WHY I NEED TO REPEAT PENANG!!!!!!. It wasssss so goood. So nice. SO mouthwatering. So drooling. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD. Okay its not good for me as Im writting thins as Im fasting and I was like OHEMGEEEE NAKKK NAKK NAKKKKK PLEASE TAKE ME THEREEEE!!!!

soooo off the first day eyy eyy.

21 APRIL 2016

We went to escape penang and it was totally worth every penny of your moneyyyyyyy!!!! Beli tiket online and awal kalau nak murah okay. Spent all day here and it was awesome. Challenge my fear and did flying fox for the first time.and did free fall from 5m height isit 5? it think its higher. Go please go. apelah sangat duit tu, sebab duit boleh cari. Pengalaman mana nak dapat. Boleh jadi separuh duit gaji aku spent kat penang ni and i never regret it.

Then around 5 camtu kitorang balik lah Georgetown and had our late lunch at

10) Restoran Kapitan.
The food yang syaza makan, Milani chicken kot. Its so nice.

then balik bilik, had our rest. because dinner nak keluar lagi.

11) We up to Gurney Drive to have our dinner.
-Laksa Penang
-Char kuey tiau
-Sotong Kangkung
-Kerang bakar
- what else? tak ingat

And you want me to describe about food again? OF KOZ IT WAS GOOOOOOOD. Dah lah. Penat tahu cakap makanan ni bestke tak. hmmmhmmmm

Then pusing pusing penang. Pegi Queensbay, pegi USM pegi mana ntah lagi sebab nak perabih minyak. Huhuhu. Then balik tido.

22 APRIL 2016

Prepare ourselves and off to have breakfast at *drum rollssssss*

12) Roti Canai Transfer Road

It was nice it wasnice it was good my goodnessssss.

Then still got time and we head up to

13) Padang Kota Lama
Just chillin membuang masa sebab taknak pi airport awal awal.

Then we off to airport. Pulang keta and balik KL. Its soooooo good. The memories and the people. Hahahhahahahh

Till we meet again Penang.

Awak nampak fake darah keliling cawan tu? awak nak dia bertukar jadi darah awak ke? So behave okay.

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