Aug 27, 2012

MOOD: RAYA #2012


heyarghh, its almost 20 days i didn't update any in this. well,, quite busy since i'm about to off to UM next Sunday.. buhbye MELAKA..

YESHH,, August 2012,, what i can summarized is THE MOST hectic month i guess compared to the past 7 months this year. Not even April gave me such a 'BOOM'.. (final exam in the past April). Bad news, Good news, Ramadhan, Syawal, Independence Day, my birthday all in August. The bad news were: my cousin and uncle died. my cousin died a day after I was celebrating my 19 birthday while my uncle died on the first Syawal. =( while the good news was, I got a new nephew with the exact same birthday as mine..

Syawal tahun nie, Alhamdulillah seronok cam biase but a bit hambar cuz when all the sedara-mara have to rush off to Seremban sebab pak long meninggal, so after Solat Aidilfitri, we straight went to Seremban, Konvoi 4 keta. Not even do our routine to pegi kubur and salam2x like others do on the first Syawal. Selamatlah a day before tuh i asked my dad to bawak pegi kubur atuk yg kat terentang, if not, memang tak lah.

A day before tuh, memang penat tahap superb. cam biase lah mengemas tapi tahun nie berdouble, since me and my mom cat rumah, so keadaan rumah yg super Karam tuh,, membuatkan I've to sleep at 4.. heeyarghh...

This year we pick, actually, I picked BLUE as theme,, but we were not so BLUE on the first RAYA, since ayah used Turquoise, mom with Blue black and jieya black and left me and abang only who scored the goal. we'd blue. tahun nie ramai pakai biru jugak, CIS BEDEBAH sungguh.

a day before: Ungu + Putih
1st raya: Biru Gelap
2nd raya: Maroon
3rd raya: Pink + Putih
4th raya: Coklat + Ungu
5th raya: Oren+ Kelabu

As for my club yang datang rumah, massive thank you,, tahun nie xde rumah terbuka since i'm busy doing my U stuffs so sorry, but guys yang datang,, well massive thanks you.. the pictures showed like missing one batch. haha.. my alpha-mate, they rocked my house too, plus alip as Beta's , amir as Gamma's and mice's friend

well, i guess this is the wrap for today. and now, i'm telling you what, gonna pay for the yuran masuk U tomorrow, a bit lazy before. well i'm guessing I may be a great chairman of #lastminutesteam. and till the next entry, PRAY ME WELL and SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI. =)

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