Sep 9, 2012

the exhausted week: MINGGU HALUAN SISWA 2012/2013


heyy,, done my MHS last night, it was awesome. sue me, if not,, but as for me, i was extremely enjoyed each day even they were torturing us and make us feel like having a summer camp in kem tentera but over all,, it was GREATTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.

I'm a niners. and overall we got first place among all KKs,, winning 2 gold, and 2 silver in sukan,, 2 gold in kesenian.. well the best ever.. ohh,, didn't have much pictures cuz, my PMs didn't allowed us to bring our handphone along,, but the memories remain close to heart.

9 hebat, kami warga 9 hebat,
9 hebat, kami warga 9 hebat,
kami semua turun ke sini,
satu jiwa satu semangat,
sembilan hebaaaat, disanjung saja.

oh 9 kolej ku, kami semua bersatu
tak gentar musuh seribu, SERIBU
kami semua bahagia,
di bawah lembayunya
9 kolej ternama.

here some of my curik2x pictures, during MHS and the dinner.

 win gold medal for netball 

 the KK9's PMs.. them, the one who willing to sacrifice their times for us. thanks.. =)

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